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Recent Activities

Didier Girard is turning all Brit and ghoulish again this Spring as he prepares a tour of Northern England (Oxford, Leeds and then York for a plenary talk during the Anthony Powell Society 2016 Meeting, on April 8-10, click here for more details). On May 9th, he will be rovinating at the Hubert Robert exhibition at the Louvre in the morning and deliver a speech on “London, Phantasy City in the late 18th century” at the Auditorium (click here for more details), before engaging in a conversation on fantasmagories, dioramas and panoramas with artist Eva Jospin. Later this year, he will give a speech, “Beckford’s Magick” at The Travellers’ Club, London, 26 November 2016, for the The Beckford Society Annual General Meeting (click here for more details). Let’s dance (and muse) to the Music of Time! !

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