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Recent Activities

Didier Girard is turning all Brit and ghoulish again this Spring as he prepares a tour of Northern England (Oxford, Leeds and then York for a plenary talk during the Anthony Powell Society 2016 Meeting, on April 8-10, click here for more details). On May 9th, he will be rovinating at the Hubert Robert exhibition at the Louvre in the morning and deliver a speech on “London, Phantasy City in the late 18th century” at the Auditorium (click here for more details), before engaging in a conversation on fantasmagories, dioramas and panoramas with artist Eva Jospin. Later this year, he will give a speech, “Beckford’s Magick” at The Travellers’ Club, London, 26 November 2016, for the The Beckford Society Annual General Meeting (click here for more details). Let’s dance (and muse) to the Music of Time! !



Forthcoming Lectures

“William Beckford and the Poetics of Kult: Addressing the Currently Unknown”, The Travellers’ Club, London, Friday, Nov. 28th (5 p.m.)

“The Satanic Tricks of A. Crowley and Osman Spare, Or; Poetry Erring on the Side of Magic”, Casa dell’Arciprete, Via Donizetti, Bergamo, Nov. 3-5

A Selection of Past Activities

February 2014

No more travelling around these days as Didier Girard has immured himself for the past few months to help his friend Francesca Pagani from Cremona publish a critical edition of the novels by the outrageous Jean Galli de Bibiena (1709-1779) : “Romans,” Paris, Classiques Garnier, 2014, pp.1078, ISBN 978-2-8124-2987-3, an 18th century novelist to discover or revisit!

July 2013

The peripheral DG has been taken up by the vortex, and now lives in the centre of France, lecturing in the English Department of the University François Rabelais in Tours and chateau-hopping in the Loire Valley.

January 2013

Currently in Venice, Didier Girard is preparing a conference on P.J. Loutherbourg’s eidophusikon in Strasburg, while his anthology of Dali’s poetic reveries is selling like hot cakes at the Pompidou Centre  and his fancy has crystallized on the female icon haunting the works of US-sculptor Augustus St Gaudens 

November 2012

Back from Bergamo for the inauguration of the 3rd edition of the Interzones Doctorate, Didier Girard is contemplating an academic pas-de-deux between UCLA (with Gulia Sissa) and Sydney (with Peter Morgan), but as there is nothing as boring as making a choice, he is poring over the true sense of life, consulting Western and Oriental philosophers alike. In the meanwhile why not dance one’s life away?

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Bibliography ( Latest Publications )

D. Girard & S. Jung (eds.), Inscribing Dreams: William Beckford as a Writer  Gent – UG Press, 2012. Recueil d’articles critiques internationaux (Allemagne, Egypte, France, Grande-Bretagne, Italie, Russie).

Rien à voir: La correspondance Leonora Carrington – Edward James (1946/1952),” in Pleine Marge (dir. J. Chénieux Gendron), Paris, mars 2009.

Les delits de Salvador Dalí (anthologie inédite des textes poétiques de S. Dalí), Saint-Estève, Les Presses Littéraires, 2007, 128 p.

H3 Hétérologies, Perpignan, P.U.P., 2006, 179 p.

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Bibliography (1993 – 2003)

“Circonstances aventureuses,” in W. Beckford, L’Esplendente et autres contes Paris, José Corti, 2003, 262 p., 11-18.

“Totem,” in W. Beckford, Vathek et ses Episodes, (édition critique et reconstitution du texte original intégral) Paris, José Corti, 2003, 455 p., 437-53.

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Bibliography (1990 – 1993)

“L’art de conter en attendant la mort,” in W. Beckford, Suite de contes arabes Paris, José Corti, 1992, 337 p., 9-21 et Histoire du Prince Ahmed, Paris, José Corti, 1993, 212 p., 7-8.

“Libérer l’esprit. Contre l’ennui,” in Thomas Love Peacock, L’Abbaye du cauchemar, Paris, José Corti, 1993, 205 p., 7-45.

William Beckford, Terroriste au Palais de la Raison, Paris, José Corti, 1993, 225 p.

« Edward James (1907-1984), the Surrealist Scaphander, » Conférence individuelle, West Dean College, Chichester, mars 1992. (unpublished paper)

« Bildungsroman and Picturesque Landscapes, » The Congress of Enlightment, Bristol University, juillet 1991. (unpublished paper)